Destination Wedding Planners – an added expensive or a necessity?

OK before I start I know everyone is going to say that I am biased because I am a wedding planner specialising in destination weddings in Bali but I have organised countless weddings, even my own (I know, I really should have known better and hired my own planner shouldn’t I?!!!) and I know what goes into planning & running a successful event. Add a different country, a different language and a totally different culture & customs to your own into the equation & you can have stress city!!!

Like all industries and occupations there are the professionals and the not so professional so it is essential that when planning your once in a life time event that you know how to identify the difference and engage the right planner for you. In today’s busy world and with hectic lifestyles brides & grooms often work full-time jobs & may even have children ( a full-time job in itself! ) and hiring the right wedding planner can help you deal with the hard work, stress and sometimes troubles that are encountered when planning a wedding, especially one held overseas.

Basically the right wedding planner will help in facilitating and managing events before, during and after your wedding ceremony & reception. Aside from handling wedding plans, your planner can also play a big role in helping you stay calm when facing the pressures of having a wedding so it is very important that you get on well as he or she will be your companion through the very best and worst of planning your wedding!

Many brides feel that when they hire a planner they will lose all control of the wedding. Quite the opposite a good planner will do as much or as little as you want and many offer various levels of services and can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

When organising a destination wedding and dealing with overseas vendors it is essential to hire a planner that not only speaks your language but also speaks the language of the country you have chosen to get married in so they can negotiate on your behalf  and communicate all of your requirements effectively & clearly in that language.  So often details get “lost in translation” and many a bride has turned up to her wedding to find things not quite as she expected like the story I heard recently of a missing wedding cake. This is added pressure that no couple deserves on their special day.

 Your wedding planner is there to make all your dreams, desires and wishes meet with your budget and time line. They should have a thorough knowledge of all the local venues, vendors, customs and legal requirements and only recommend the very best to ensure your event is a total success.  

If you decide to hire a professional destination wedding planner you can be assured that you are receiving quality, service, knowledge, experience, professionalism, creativity, guidance and a new friend. What could be better than that for the most important day of your life? 

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