Wedding style

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Orson Wells.

What inspires you? Inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places and once you have found your signature look for your wedding you can build on it.

Weddings are not about a generic, run of the mill theme or just placing a stock standard centerpiece on each table but are more about incorporating your own individual style into your special day. Often the most simplistic ideas will make the biggest impact on your day. Embrace a unique theme and give it your own personalised  twist.

It so important to add those special touches such as distinctive table centrepieces, fabric, decor, ambient lighting and special effects which all tie in to create an overall theme. Whether your personal style is classic, romantic , modern – infuse your own individual personality into your event. Have an open mind. Where did you meet? How did he propose? What are your favourite things to do together? Try and incorporate some of these into your wedding day….

You can take different elements of your life together and weave them into your special day. Do you both share a passion for chocolate? Why not have a decadent, chocolate buffet instead of the traditional plated dessert?

Love latin american music? Choose a live band who can play some latin inspired music at your reception and what about even hiring a dance teacher to teach your guests the basics of the Samba, Bossa Nova & the Cha Cha!

Are you both hopeless romantics? Why not provide each of your guests with some beautiful stationary and ask them to write you a personalised note sharing their secrets and tips to a happy marriage. What a beautiful way to remember your wedding on each of your anniversaries!

The possibilities are endless….. Be inspired! Think outside the square & make your wedding all about the most important people – you!

Photo courtesy of Project Wedding & Jagger Photography- WA.


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