Married with children in Bali


After a hectic couple of weeks we are back! I have finally found a spare half an hour at home, make myself a coffee and settle down in the peace and quiet to find some inspiration when suddenly I hear those words….”MUM”! AHHH! Up I get and after reverting into my other role of mediator I sort out World War 3 and settle back down to write however it has started me thinking……. children & weddings. Can you have a seamless, stylish, succesful wedding with kids present?

Bit of a divided subject this one and I ‘ve probably opened a can of worms here! So often when people think of the combination of weddings & children it strikes fear into the hearts of many people especially brides who envisage their dream wedding being sabotaging by a group of screaming youngsters! Whether you have children of your own or have friends & family with kids it is your choice whether you make your wedding a no go kid zone however there are many, many options to ensure your child friendly Bali wedding is a complete success….

The Balinese absolutely adore children and most of the hotels & resorts offer fantastic accommodation for families, have specialised kids clubs, special menus & provide professional babysitting services. Check out the kids room in the family suite at the Westin Resort, Nusa Dua or the kids suite at the Dynasty Hotel complete with a Playstation for the kids (and also for entertaining the big kids as well aka dads!)

Pinterest & The Dynasty Hotel, Bali

Your wedding day with kids can with some planning be a complete success. As all the parents out there know kids (especially young ones) get bored very easily so the key is to keep them entertained. If your own children are going to be involved in your wedding why not give them a special job to do, get them involved and make them feel special. How about hiring the services of a professional nanny to keep an eye on the children to relieve the pressure and stress from you as there is so much going on you don’t want to be worrying where the children are and what they are up to! This frees you up to truly enjoy your wedding day and your kids will have an absolutely amazing experience as well!

If you have a number of kids coming to the reception why not have a separate, specially styled table just for the children, a fun child friendly menu, gift bags containing things for them to do maybe even some kids entertainment. How about incorporating some Balinese culture into the children’s evening with some traditional crafts that the kids can make, take home and be reminded of the truly amazing time that they had at your Bali wedding!


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