Why should I use a professional wedding planner for my destination wedding

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“Do I really need a wedding planner?” So often we are asked by Brides & Grooms why should they should hire a wedding planner to help them plan their Bali wedding so we wanted to share some reasons why hiring a professional planning company such as Bali D’luxe Weddings & Events is a good idea & how they can help to make your wedding day a huge success.

In general weddings take on average more than 250 hours to plan and when you are dealing with a destination wedding in a country that speaks another language this can add countless more hours & stress to the entire planning process. 

The common misconception about planning is that you are turning over all the control of your wedding to someone else!” Wedding planning is ALWAYS a partnership! It’s not our wedding…. It’s yours and should be about you.

We are here to make the planning process easier – to narrow down the time you spend searching. We do all of the leg work and you get to make all of the final decisions! We are here to offer your ideas and suggestions, to be someone to bounce ideas off and to brainstorm with.

Often when you start  looking for vendors for your destination wedding  in Bali you will stumble across a company that advertises that they will coordinate your wedding for next to nothing or even for free! In general these companies do not have the extensive expertise & experience that professional wedding designers & planners have. A professional planner does not only have the expertise to theme, design & manage your occasion but also he / she is trained in the art of negotiation and can deal with vendors on your behalf. Planning your wedding should be about celebrating your love not about haggling with decorators, florists or caterers or worrying whether or not you are getting the best price. 

We have extensive relationships with the best vendors to negotiate the best prices. We also are great with budgets and will work with you to not only create one, but also make sure that you stay on track. No matter if it’s big or small.

So often we hear from brides that they don’t see the need to use a professional wedding planner as the wedding venue they are using has a wedding coordinator who can plan & coordinate their day for them. The primary role of a venue coordinator is to make sure you are in and out of the venue at your specified times and that you don’t break any rules while you’re there. Some may go above and beyond, but that is not the norm. An independant wedding planner works hand in hand with all your chosen vendors to ensure that your ceremony & reception is as individual as you are, whilst still adhering to the guidelines & rules of the villa, chapel, resort etc.

A good planning professional works WITH you to create the wedding of your dreams and is flexible to your needs. Every bride needs someone there on the wedding day to coordinate the schedule and all the little details. Do you really want your bridal party working on your wedding day or would you prefer that they are there helping you celebrate?  We are there with you & for you – similar to boy scouts in heels! We can sew on a button, fix a rip, and tend to a blister.  We have back-up breath mints, directions to the nearest shop, and anything you might could need or want to make your day as perfect as possible.

We are by your side and there just for YOU. We coordinate with all your friends, family and vendors to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, keeping your day on schedule and you relaxed and happy.

For further details on our wedding planning services or to set up a complimentary consultation email us at weddings@balidluxe.com


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