The Colour Purple

This weeks inspiration comes from one of our brides who has chosen the colour purple as the basis for her stunning cliff top wedding later in the year

The colour purple has long been associated with royalty and was once so rare and expensive to produce outside of the natural world that only the rich could afford it!!   Back in 1600 B.C the colour could only be reproduced from the shells of mollusks and it is said that it took more than 12,000 shells to produce just 1.5 grams of dye.

Thankfully nowadays we have a large range of linens, textiles, paperware, flowers and other different materials we can utilise to showcase this majestic colour.

Source: via Bali D’luxe on Pinterest
Source: via Bali D’luxe on Pinterest

Source: via Bali D’luxe on Pinterest

For more “Purple Inspiration” and other wedding ideas check out our boards on Pinterest.

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