D’luxe Villa Collection

Whether you are looking for a romantic wedding venue, private honeymoon retreat or planning that special holiday of a lifetime allow Bali D’luxe to assist you in finding the perfect villa for your needs.

Bali D’luxe represents an extensive selection of the very best villas that the island has to offer complete with private swimming pool, a full complement of staff and much more…..

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9 Responses to D’luxe Villa Collection

  1. Sandra Princz says:

    Hello, We are having a wedding for 40-45 people and want a villa near Seminyak- preferably beachfront for 23,24 & 25 May 2013- Thank you

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi we too are planning a Bali wedding and would love assistance with a venue location for Oct/Nov 2013. We have approx 40-50 guests many who have toddlers. We are looking for a cliff top/beach front venue that allows band and celebrations to continue beyond midnight if possible. Hope you can help. Kind regards Jess

  3. Jamaica Bardsley says:

    Hi There, We are planning our wedding and need help with venue selection and organising.
    We are interested in a gorgeous garden wedding for ceremony and reception and possibly with curfew past midnight, for approx 50 guests. Quite a few people will have toddlers & babies.

    We have mainly been looking at hotel weddings and some villa weddings.
    your response would be much appreciated 🙂

  4. Hi guys

    Just wondering if you would be able to assist us in planning our wedding?

    We’re hoping for late August 2014.

    Susan & Matt

  5. Hello, we are very happy to accommodate your wedding with Catherine from Bali D Luxe: http://www.villathesanctuarybali.com

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